Hospitality at golf courses

As we all know, when visiting a golf course, it’s not just about playing some incredible golf on some lovely courses. We all love enjoying the hospitality provided by the course. Whether it be the restaurant or accommodation provided by said course, it makes a big difference to the day out!

Popular golf courses undoubtedly aim at the middle class market to meet their sales targets on their costly green fees. For this reason they must also provide fantastic food and drink for the customers too. Some courses now also provide accommodation for those who would like to stay for a couple of nights in a luxurious villa or hotel.

From delicious lunches and dinners to staying in luxury accommodation, the modern day golf courses offer a lot more than the course itself.

So how important is it to provide good hospitality to customers in the modern day?

In this day and age, there are so many courses available to play for both members and the public with luscious fairways and perfectly maintained greens meaning that all golf clubs and resorts need a way to stand out and attract custom. So introducing better cuisine and offering top quality nights at their own accommodation has become increasingly popular.

This has become even more popular in great golfing countries such as Spain and Portugal where people go to enjoy the sun and play some golf at some of Europe’s best courses. Staff are trained to speak English to deal with the large number of tourists in places such as Andalucía and Val de Lobo.

And with such intense competition for these touristy countries it’s incredibly important for them to convey themselves as superior golf courses than their competition.

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