Asociación Española de Gerentes de Golf Golf Gestion. Leading Golf Management Golf Gestion together with the Spanish Association of Golf Managers, upported by their partners, collaborators and renowned names in the industry of tourism and golf, have developed the best Courses for Golf Course Management and Administration and turfgrass maintenance in Spain.

According to the article 10 of the statues of the Spanish Golf Managers Association it stated that, “Training and professional preparation are key objectives of the Association, which shall develop and promote a series of educational programs, on its own or in collaboration with other institutions, to cover, if possible, dall aspects related to the preparation of the director or assistant manager of a golf club, as well as for other positions typical at a golf course. The intention is to promote a job market that is supervised and endorsed by the Managing Board, always providing an ethical code.

Currently, there are no courses for golf course management in Spain with the format and structure being developed by the Spanish Golf Managers Association.

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