The Greenkeeper at the golf courses

The golf courses did not originally have qualified caretakers for said purpose. This situation continued for many years, until the golf industry began to surge and the need to improve the training of such workers arose.

The creation of essentially commercial golf courses caused a radical change leading to the demand in knowledge and specific responsibilities necessary for the care and maintenance of these courses.

The evolution of the Greenkeepers in recent decades has happened as a result of training and greater professionalism. The extension of the tasks (budgeting, communication with members and distributors, choice and coordination of maintenance staff, environmental impact, etc.) has forced the role to reinvent itself over time.

Jaime Ortiz-Patiño, one of the largest promoters of golf in Spain, was the main precursor of this profession. He gave them direction and showed to rest of society that it was a vital job for the growth of the sport in our country.

The emergence of AEdG (Spanish Association of Maintenance Technicians Golf Courses) occurred in 1982, when finally managing to create this official group, consolidated the group of this unknown profession.

The main objectives of the AEdG are to gather all the professional technicians, construction-related entities and maintenance of golf courses (and other sports surfaces); advance the knowledges about the maintenance of sports grounds, continuous information of partners, update their knowledge in relation to new technologies in maintenance and environmental aspects; promote the exchange of experiences among partners and the technical dissemination.

In reality, the Greenkeeper profile is varied ranging from technical agronomists to self-taught persons, instructed by themselves and with many years of experience behind them.

Nowadays, there is a growing appreciation towards more specialized training profile, due to the complexity involved in the work of a Greenkeeper.

In short, these professionals are responsible for the technical direction of all operations taking place in the courses, bearing in mind one of its major priorities: the environmental management.

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