Water management in golf courses

Water, indispensable to the maintenance of the golf courses and an increasingly precious commodity, within the golf courses in Spain should distinguish the north of the country, which can meet your needs about this without too much difficulty, and the south-east of the country, which each year has more difficulty getting enough water to maintain golf courses.

Following those difficulties either by the negative trend in rainfall, by the new regulations in this area or simply make more sustainable the golf courses, managers, owners, engineers, consultants of golf courses are of agree that the way to optimization of water resources has to be a top priority for the sustainability of them.

Both in the south and the east of the country a lot of courses are already irrigated with recycled water that reduces the environmental cost and even contributes to reuse water that in other conditions not could be used for any other purpose. With the recycled water, the managers and greenkeepers of golf courses find another problem: the quality of this water. The use of this water makes the task of keeping the grass in top condition be more complicated.

At the end, we find that there is no global solution to all these problems. But with some changes, as a better and optimized irrigation system, a type of grass according to the needs of the course, train both specialists in turfgrass maintenance and managers on these issues, can make the cost of the water resources of a golf course be significantly reduced and is reflected in the income statement.

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