The Caddie Master: the first golfers impression in a golf course

Today we would like to analyse one of the key areas or departments of a golf course: the Caddie Master.

Just as there are different types of golf courses: members, commercial or mixed, the departmental organization also varies from one another. In some cases the Caddie Master, Reservations and Pro Shop are unified, being located in the same space, while others operate independently, depending on the resources of each course.

But we agree with that people who working in this/these department/s are the first contact that our clients have when they visit us; for this reason we must take care with the impression we give. One of the tasks of a golf manager is to convey to employees that they are part of the club's image, and as such, they will influence on the experience that the customer has while visiting our facilities.

The people who work in this position must be committed to the club, knowledgeable about golf, decisive with the needs presented by the players, and above all, with good communication skills.

They have different tasks, from providing information and advice about the course to the players, help put their golf bags in buggies, golf clubs repair, maintain the fleet of buggies in perfect condition, organize competitions, manage reservations or sell on the pro shop.

The successful operation of this/these department/s depends on several factors: the employees, the quality of the tools that handle, the good development of operating procedures, and communication. The golf manager must veil for all of them, to provide an optimal service to our customers.

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