The 2016-2017 edition of the Sports Management and Operations Course has finished

Pupils that started the Sports Management and Operations course 2016-17 edition in October 2016 have just successfully finished their training.

In order to finish the course, our pupils had to present their final course project before a panel of examiners. The projects had been prepared during the course at the hands of the best professionals in the industry and under the supervision of the tutor Domingo Gavira Esquivel (Director of Club de Golf El Chaparral), who wanted to provide his opinion about the edition of the 2016-17 Sports Management and Operations Course:

“For me, it is a matter of professional and personal pride as tutor of this sports management course to see the effort and energy that the pupils have put into the course during this academic year. The effort of the pupils, teachers and our coordinator has been admirable. Over more than 9 months, they have experienced many emotions and shared thoughts. My most sincere congratulations to each one of them, they give meaning to these courses and form new remittances of professionals within the Spanish golf industry every year”.

We would like to thank all of the professionals that have accompanied us this year for providing our pupils with important parts of their knowledge and experiences in the golf industry. In this way, they aquired knowledge of the current reality that can be found in the Sports and Operational Management of a golf course.

All the information from our tutoring team can be seen through the following link: Faculty

Congratulations to all the pupils for their effort and dedication during the course both in person and online via the video conference format and encouragement to those that will return to defend their projects in September.

To emphasise also how our method of teaching and continuing with online classes has lead to the presentation of great projects from pupils who primarily followed this route, offering proof of the effectiveness of our mixed system of being present/following online classes via live or prerecorded video conferences. We have included a quote from one of our pupils that enjoyed the course from a following it primarily online:

“The system of following classes online classes online has been an enjoyable experience, I did not know this method of training, and really is almost as participatory and interactive as being in person in the classroom with teachers and the other colleagues."

In other news, we also want to communicate that places for registration for the next course promotion 2017/18 that will start in October 2017 are now open. Places are limited. You can access all the information about the course and the registration process from the following links:



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