RFGA Handicap System (Royal Canadian Golf Association)

The Royal Canadian Golf Association uses a Handicap system similar to the USGA Handicap System but with some differences.

It is based on the following elements:

• Course Rating: is a number between 67 and 77 that measures the average result of a scratch player on that round.

• Slope Rating: is a number between 55 and 155 that measures the relative difficulty for a bogey player compared to the Course Rating. The neutral value is 113.

• RCGA Handicap Factor: is the Handicap of Player, expressed by a number with a decimal and compares the player’s skill with a scratch player in a standard tour.

• RCGA Course Handicap: is the number of strokes a player receives for a specific tee of a course to play, in order to adjust game skill level of a scratch player. It is calculated using the formula:

Course Handicap = (Handicap Factor x Slope Rating) / 113

• Handicap Allowance: is the percentage of the Course Handicap recommended for a handicap competition. The concessions vary depending on the type of competition and seek that it be balanced.

• Net Score: It is the result after subtracting the Course Handicap from the gross score. A player with a plus handicap Course Handicap adds it to his gross score.

Net Score = Gross Score – Course Handicap

To update the SCGA Handicap Factor of a player RCGA use this procedure:

First calculate the Equitable Scale Control (ESC), which is an adjustment of the individual results in each hole setting a maximum result that the player applies on every hole and it depends on your Course Handicap according to an established rule.

After the Differentials Handicap is calculated using the formula:

Differential Handicap = (ESC – Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating

Taking the lowest Differentials Handicap of the latest round delivered, the player receives a new Handicap Index adjusted to the average of Differential Handicap multiplied by a conversion factor of 0.96.

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