Enrol in the Advanced Courses of the Spanish Golf Managers Association.

Registration is now open for the Advanced Course in Golf Course Management and Administration and for the Advanced Course in Maintenance of Sport Grounds.

The Spanish Association of Golf Courses in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Greenkeepers, the Spanish PGA and supported by the Royal Spanish Federation of Golf, Golfmanagement and Training as well as the two best professionals in management training and maintenance of golf courses start:

• The Advanced Course in Golf Course Management and Administration.

• The Advanced Course in Maintenance of Sport Grounds.

Both courses have the same academic structure. They can be made in person or through an online platform in streaming.

Each course consists of 300 theoretical hours spread over 30 weekends and 720 practical hours over four months to train the best golf course managers and assistant greenkeepers in maintenance of sport grounds.

Over 30 weekends classes are held on Friday afternoons 4 pm - 9 pm and Saturday mornings 9 am - 2 pm, so that people who are working have the opportunity to do the course in person, but it can always be performed at distance as well.

The training and professional preparation of golf course personnel is one of the fundamental pillars for the Association. To this end the Association has included these advanced courses in its training program, which aims to cover all aspects related to the preparation of managers or assistant managers of golf courses as well as the preparation for the post of assistant greenkeepers or experts in maintenance of sports grounds with the intention of promoting a job listing that will be supervised and endorsed by the Board, always under an ethical code.

One of the cornerstones of our training is the participation of the most prestigious professionals in the golf sector. To do this, the directors of the program and the golf associations work continuously to achieve that the students of the course get the best.

There are many directors, managers, designers, greenkeepers, constructors, companies or professionals of the industry, who collaborate in the advanced courses of the AEGG among which we highlight Javier Reviriego General Manager of Valderrama, David Gómez Director Green Section Royal Spanish Golf Federation, Rafael González-Carrascosa, Greenkeeper at Real Club de Golf de Las Brisas, Carlos Lima Molina, technical advisor and expert in greenkeeping at numerous golf courses , Miguel Girbés General Manager PGA at Catalunya Resort, Luis de Vierna International Golf Consultor, Pedro Morán Director Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro, José María Zamora, Assistant Manager European Challenge Tour, Ignacio del Cuvillo Cano managing Director Guadalmina Golf, among others.

The methodology of work, with which this course develops, joins the experience of directors and greenkeepers of golf courses with more than 30 years of practice behind them with the techniques and technologies used by directors and maintenance experts, who are younger and trained in new technologies, especially from the point of view of commercialization and marketing, irrigation, fertilization…

The program offers the student a comprehensive training and yet close to business reality. It will form both techniques and skills through a practical approach and active intervention by the students. More information here.

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