The golf customer, a demanding customer

Know and understand first-hand the golf customer needs, is a priority that any manager should have.

As we have mentioned in other articles, Spain is one of the favourite countries by foreign golfers for many reasons: the large number of available golf courses, the prices, the excellent weather through the whole year and the complementary services (beaches, culture, monuments, etc.). Know the needs and demands of our future customers is an essential task if we want to achieve their expectations.

We don´t have an updated report about the golf foreign demand, but numerous articles provide data that can guide us to establish a clear profile of our golf tourist.

They tend to be middle-aged men, between 46 and 60 years, and with higher education. They usually stay longer than a week, and travel mainly with friends or with their partner. Most often stay in hotels and apartments, and a lower percentage, in their second homes bought in Spain.

While playing golf has become popular in recent years, the golf tourist usually has a high purchasing power, and they don't only visit our country during the summer months.

According to the "European Spotlight on Golf Tourism to Spain" report, 28.5% of European golfers who visited Spain to play golf in 2012, 12.7% chose the Costa del Sol; 3.9% the Costa Brava; 3.2% visited the Canary Islands and 8.7% were other areas.

The way to discover the courses is through recommendations from family and friends. They are usually active at the time of booking and demanding, not content only with the basic service, but rather to enjoy new experiences and emotions.

Today our customers can choose from a wide range of possibilities, so that managers should be creative and dynamic, offering different services from the rest, with the goal to convert our customers in "ambassadors" of our brand in the future.

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